Prayer and worship are at the heart of our parish Mission Statement, and we strive to grow together as energetic and faithful disciples of Jesus Christ. 

Worship Committee

Chair: Katie Garbarino

The St. Leonard Worship Committee works hard to offer our parishioners a liturgical experience that is prayerful, reverent, and spiritually moving.  Worship Committee members also take a leadership role in helping our parish community to grow in faith and to pray well in all that we do.  Another important aim of this committee is to keep our parishioners connected to one another as part of a true spiritual family, serving God and one another.  Worship Committee members participate actively in all realms of parish life as we help one another to deepen our life of prayer, grow as disciples, and stay connected as a family of faith.  

We invite you to explore some of the recent initiatives of the St. Leonard Worship Committee by visiting the “Prayer Resources” page.

We welcome YOUR ideas about how the Worship Committee can make your worship experience at St. Leonard even more meaningful!  Reach out to our Pastoral Associate, Ashley Logsdon, at 502-897-2595 to learn more, share your feedback, or get involved. 

Worship Committee Members


Katie Garbarino (Chair)

Deacon Ralph Bartley

Jane Bartley

Mike Gandolfo

Jo-Dee Jackson

Rick Knoop (Director of Music)

Ashley Logsdon (Pastoral Associate)

Father Lou Meiman (Pastor)

Patti Nash

Carol Sexton

Barbara Trompeter (Chair, Arts & Environment Committee)