The philosophy of our Athletics Program at Saint Leonard School is to provide the opportunity for all children who attend the school or are active members of our Parish Community to participate in team sports. The program has a “no-cut” policy for each child submitting registration forms prior to deadlines – however, tryouts are run for team placement according to ability. The program promotes self-esteem and respect for others through competition in a Christian manner with emphasis on good sportsmanship.

* Develop and maintain good physical fitness
* Teach cooperation and how to work with others
* Assist children to develop positive self image while giving best effort
* Develop a sense of obligation & dedication to student athletes with maturity

SAS Board Members

  • Athletic Director: T. J. Jessie
  • Communication Coordinator: Jennifer Riegling
  • Treasurer: Jo-Dee Jackson
  • SI Play Coordinator: Ian Erskine
  • Member-At-Large: Joe Reed
  • Member-At-Large: Tim Ising


  • Archery Coordinator: Gary Parsons
  • Basketball Coordinator: Louis Rabaut
  • Cross Country/Track Coordinator: Jolene Yates
  • Football Coordinator: John Ising
  • Soccer Coordinator: Jolene Yates
  • Volleyball Coordinator: Tony Riegling


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St. Leonard Athletics Handbook

* St. Leonard Athletics Handbook *