Open Hands

Helping others helps you. One of the ways to help, offered by St. Leonard is to volunteer for the St. Vincent de Paul Open Hand Kitchen. They serve lunch and dinner every day to the people on their campus and also to the needy in the community. St. Leonard is currently volunteering for one day per month. So every third Thursday of each month, a group organized by parishioner Marilyn Meredith, serves lunch at Open Hand Kitchen. On these days, a group of six to eight volunteers works for a couple of hours in the afternoon. To accommodate people who don’t drive or don’t want to drive downtown, Marilyn makes sure that at least one of the volunteers from the group is at St. Leonard to meet anyone who needs a ride. All that is required of volunteers is to go and serve food. But what you get out of it is more than worth it. Marilyn had a personal experience that really opened her eyes to this truth. After her first husband passed away, she had two young movers helping her move into a new home. Just a few months later, one of those men recognized her while she served food in line. He had fallen on hard times and was trying to get his life back together. Seeing someone she knew struggle made her realize that it could just as easily be her who needed the help. Volunteering makes her appreciate how much she has, and part of what she has is the time to give back. She also loves the camaraderie that develops among group members. They get to know other parishioners through their service. So if helping out is important to you, Marilyn wants you to call her at 502-727-0692 to volunteer.